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Recora Chair Occupancy Sensor (COS)

Recora Chair Occupancy Sensor (COS)

Recora Chair Occupancy Sensors have been designed for use in wheelchair seat and other applications which require standalone presence detection. Just place on a smooth surface, connect lead wiring and you’re ready. Chair Occupancy Sensors are 3/16″ thick and provides 11″ x 11″ coverage.

How does it work?
Recora BOS and COS Technology have been developed carefully for over two decades, culminating in a simple yet robust design, with greater effectiveness. The  sensor is placed under the mattress or wheelchair cushion of the patient and is suited for use with most telehealth systems. These low voltage, normally open contacts, close with the weight of the patient, sensing that he or she is in bed. If the contacts are open, the telehealth system alerts the nursing staff or caregiver. The sensors with the appropriate telehealth system, also have the capacity to raise an alarm if the patient has not returned to bed within a predetermined time.

Construction – Thin switches are sealed in a durable vinyl cover and are designed for low voltage operation, Class II N.E.C. circuit operation, 100 watts at 24 volts AC or DC. Contacts are single pole, single throw, normally open, momentary contact type.
Sensitivity – Standard sensitivity is 7-10 lbs.
Lead Wires – COS leads are single 22 AWG 2-conductor wire.


Item #: COS 1111 TM

Description: Thin Mat

Thickness: 3/16 In

Standard Activation Weight: 3 to 5 lbs