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Rugged reliability and outstanding quality

Recora Incorporated is located in North Aurora, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago, in a new 25,000-sq. ft. facility and is a privately held company. Initially, the company manufactured pressure sensitive mats for the commercial market as well as other unique markets. One such market was the Catholic Church. They required a pressure sensitive switch built for their confessional kneelers. As markets changed, Recora began to manufacture an industrial grade of pressure mats that are used today primarily for industrial applications.

Recora pressure sensitive mats, safety light curtains, ribbon switches, treadle pads, controllers and custom switches have successfully serviced the market providing rugged reliability and outstanding quality. For a growing number of operations, electronic safety mats have become an adaptable solution for machine guarding. Assembly machines, robotic welding and continuous assembly production lines are just a few of the numerous applications for presence sensing matting. The Recora product line services the industrial, medical, car wash and consumer markets.

Recora Incorporated is the source for all your pressure switch and control needs.
Our commitment to you, and to ourselves:

"Recora Incorporated is a producer of pressure sensing electrical devices for control, location, and safeguarding in the business, industrial, and medical markets. The policies of Recora Incorporated are:
  • To provide products which meet or exceed all customer, industry, and regulatory requirements.
  • To provide design support allowing the identification and translation of customer needs into practical and cost effective solutions through the customized application of our unique production and functional capabilities.
  • To encourage a sense of personal involvement, responsibility, and empowerment among all employees. By recognizing their talents and contributions, all are allowed to share in the rewards and security of the organization.
  • To be responsive to market demands and opportunities through the continuous improvement of our products, processes, and capabilities. To be perceived by the consumer as 'The Best There Is'."

The Recora Team

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